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The online store www.kamsizoglou.gr (hereinafter the online store) belongs to the Company with the name "ERIOURGIA KAMSIZOGLOU SOCIETE ANONYME", based in Thessaloniki, at Mitropoleos Street, no. 40, T.K. 54623, Tax Identification Number 094007191 (hereinafter the Company), with no. GEMI 038263805000 (member of the Thessaloniki Chamber of Crafts), tel. Contact 2310.225146, e-mail: info@kamsizoglouae.gr. Our Company trades goods and services remotely through its online store www.kamsizoglou.gr, complying with the requirements of N. 2251/1994, ΥΑ 5338/2018 (Government Gazette Β '40 / 17.01.2018) and the current legislation .

In our online store are available for retail / wholesale sales, knitting yarns, knitting accessories, knitting needles, information leaflets and other products. For wholesale sales contact us at 2310.225146 or by email at info@kamsizoglouae.gr.

The access and use of this website and the services provided by any registered or non-registered visitor is governed by these terms.

Every visitor, user, customer and / or trader / consumer of the online store operating on the website www.kamsizoglou.gr (hereinafter referred to as the visitor or customer or user) before accessing, browsing and using in any way this website (such as indicative: user registration, online ordering, browsing, searching, registering, sending, storing information, transaction), states clearly, explicitly and unreservedly that it fully accepts the terms of use and operation of the site (hereinafter terms) as well as any other condition it meets the requirements of the law and can be found within this website, in addition to this text, indicatively in the following positions: order methods, payment methods, shipping methods, return policy, privacy policy. The present terms with the addition of the terms in the above positions constitute the terms of transactions with www.kamsizoglou.gr. The terms of transactions are an integral part of the remotely concluded contracts for the sale of products and services through www.kamsizoglou.gr. The terms in force also apply to any other term that meets the requirements of the law and may be located within this website, in addition to this text. Your unconditional acceptance of the above terms is a condition of access and use of this website. Acceptance of the terms is presumably assumed from the moment these terms are inherent in a conspicuous place and access to them is indicated and facilitated by appropriate means, according to transactional manners. The terms contained in this website, which have been formulated in advance for future contracts (general terms of transactions), are binding on the consumer, as long as they meet the requirements of the law, ie their existence was indicated by our online store and enabled the consumer to receive real knowledge of their content. The registration of the user in this website constitutes automatic unconditional acceptance of the terms of use and operation of the website, and the transaction with the online store www.kamsizoglou.gr constitutes automatic, unconditional acceptance of the terms of transactions in general. Please read the following terms and conditions carefully other above terms before you take any action, interaction, access, transaction and use of this site and how you comply with them.

The Company reserves the right to modify freely, unilaterally and without notice the terms of use and operation of this website and in general, the terms of transactions with the online store within the law. The posting on this website alone is sufficient for any new term to enter into force, or for the modification or removal of an existing term, subject to the orders already confirmed by the Company. Visitors / users should periodically check for changes to these terms. Only the posting of terms on this website and in any other part of the site, satisfies the conditions of informing the users for any changes in the terms. The use of this website and the services provided in it presupposes but also confirms the acceptance by the user of the pre-existing terms, as they apply, with the above indicative modifications, interventions and abolitions by the Company. Any invalidity of some of the terms (use - operation of website and transactions), does not result in invalidity of the rest. In case you disagree with the content of the terms (use - operation of the site and transactions) you are asked to refrain from any action, interaction.




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